About us

The Sunderberg Aberdeen Angus herd was established in 2016 after having spent a year or two gaining as much information and herd visits in Scotland, Homeland of the Angus breed worldwide.

Our experience with breeding cattle trace back to 1995 when our renowned Highland Cattle Fold was founded. We farm part-time and all our cattle are halter-broken and we regulary work with them.


The main breeding aspect is a sound female coming from a well-bred line. We aim for a modern framed animal full of class with good length and power. The animals should have good structure and faultless legs. The udder is very important for us and we select for plenty milk. Furthermore we aim for an animal full of breed character with an impressive head and big ears.


Our cattle will be performance recorded with UK breedplan. We regulary weigh them and measure their height. This data is analyzed carefully and are part of our breeding decisions. The other part is the visual apparence and the match with our named breeding goal.