Carinthia Escorial V268


Carinthia Escorial V268 will replace Carinthia Ecstasy from 2020 onwards and is the second bull we bought from Oliver Behringer,, the leading Angus breeder in Austria.

The breeding of Carinthia Escorial is second to none. He is solely bred from Rawburn genetics, one of the highest performing herds worldwide.

The sire of Escorial is Rawburn El Macho R117, a bull bought in Stirling for 8000 gns in February 2017. He was born with 46 kgs, his 200 days weight was 426 kg (1,900 kg daily) and weighed 823 kgs at 400 days of age! His sire is Rawburn Dublin K218, the performance legend sired by the 20,000 pound Rawburn El Torro H774 (S: Rawburn Transformer). El Macho R117 is out of Rawburn Ellen Erica E394, a TC Freedom 104 daughter. She is the fullsister to Rawburn Ellen Erica E405, the dam of 30,000 pound Rawburn Emblem K127 and 26,250 pound Linton Gilbertines Elgin. Another full ET-sisters is Rawburn Ellen Erica J926, a stellar breeder for John Elliot, Rawburn.


The dam of Escorial is Rawburn Evergreen K136, a Rawburn El Chester G657 daughter who is bred from the Ellen Erica line as well. Her dam is Rawburn Evergreen H876, a daughter of the breed legend Rawburn Randolph F555.


Carinthia Ecstasy T938

We had this stunning bullcalf on our list from the day he was born. Oliver Behringer,who is very keen with the Aberdeen Angus cattle, kept us up to date on his performance and we finally decide to buy this bullcalf to be our first ever Aberdeen Angus stockbull!
He is sired by the Rawburn embryo Carinthia Dark Devil R628 whose pedigree needs no introduction to breeders worldwide. He is sired by Rawburn Black Hawk, record priced yearling bull in the UK at 40.000 pound. The mother of R628 is Rawburn Duchess Windsor H818, a Rawburn Randolph F555 daughter!

Carinthia Dark Devil R628 is the record performing Angus bull in Austria:

200 days weight: 453 kg- 2.035 g daily

365 days weight: 746 kg - 1.994 g daily

The mother of Ecstasy is Carinthia Elaine, a very stylish cow with 855 kg in breeding condition. She won the Austrian Show in St. Donat in 2011 at 17 months of age. Elaine is one of the corner post of the Carinthia herd and every calf born yet sold went to a respected breeder.

Carinthia Ecstasy T938 already has a stunning performace:
Birthweight 41 kg
200 days weight 376 – 1.680 g daily gain, 129 cm hip height


We are very excited to have this stunning future prospect at our farm now and will keep you up to date on his page!


Rawburn Boss Hogg

The first bull used through AI is Rawburn Boss Hogg N630. He is a proven easy calver but do not compromise on growth! He comes with a bulk of milk in his pedigree, a high marbling figure and a big scrotal size. He has a Terminal Index of 40 and a Self Replacing Index of 67 which is well in the top 1 % of the breed! We have seen this outstanding bull in May 2017 before using him.

He is sired by TC Freedom 104 who needs no introduction.

His dam is Hoff Blackbird 594 5218, a maternal sister to performance giant Hoff Limited Edition SC594. This cow is full of power and femininity and class.

Follow this link to the pedigree and performance of Rawburn Boss Hogg N630: