The base of successful breeding: The cows

Craigowmill Tiller Girl S942 - dob. 03.04.2016

Craigowmill Tiller Girl S942 was the first animal we bought to establish our herd. She was bought from Ken and Eva Brown, Craigowmill as a 5 months old calf.

She impressed us with an exceptional head, good structure and legs and a balanced body right from the first moment we saw her. Craigowmill Tiller Girl S942 is a very modern heifer with a large frame.


Her sire Gretnahouse Black Crusader P667 was bought by Ken Brown in Carlisle for 5.000 gns (6.000 €). P667 is breeding very good daily gains with good 200-,400- and 600 day weights. Furthermore his pedigree is packed by bulks of milk and good marbling.

Gretnahouse Black Crusader is sired by the famous Gretnahouse Blacksmith L500, a Blelack Duke son. L500 ranks in the top 1 % for 200-,400- and 600 day weights, Terminal Index and Self Replacing Index! Additionally his milk figure is +22 (breed average +11). L500 won the Dumfries Show in 2012 and was yearling champion at the National Show in November 2012, his only two outings. Sons of Gretnahouse Blacksmith L500 regulary sell for up to 10.000 gns (12.000 €), his full brother sold for 13.000 gns (15.700 €) at the famous Stirling Bull Sales in February 2017.


The dam of Tiller Girl S942 is Craigowmill Tiller Girl P779. She is a good framed cow with a powerful body. She goes back to the world famous bulls Hoff Limited Edition SC594 und Vermillion Dateline 7078.


Craigowmill Tiller Girl S42 was at 38 kg at birth. She weighed 301 kg at weaning (daily 1,22 kg with 215 days). On 11.12.2016 she weighed 360 kg with 252 days (daily 1,28 kg). Her 365 days weight was 453 kg (daily 1,24 kg) and her height was 1,35 m.


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Cheeklaw Edwina S552 - dob. 04.04.2016

Cheeklaw Edwina S552 was bought at the dispersal of the Cheeklaw Herd at the Stirling Bull Sales October 2017. This herd was the lifework of the whole family and the decision to sell the herd was a truely emotional one. The cattle were a true credit to the dedication of the whole Lucas Family for breeding Aberdeen Angus cattle.

The whole herd was built on only seven females and as a result all cattle were bred more or less the same way and a very even group! The were some very good prices achieved in the disperal. An outstanding cow and calf unit sold for 20,000 gns (25.000 €) and a yearling heifer changed hands for the same money.


The aim at Cheeklaw has always been to produce beautiful Angus females with lots of breed character, good udders, great tops and sound feet. Cheeklaw Edwina S552 is an outstanding example of these aspects and we are very proud to have her in our herd.


The sire of Edwina is Cheeklaw Este P479, a son of Cardona Proud Punch L752. Proud Punch L752 clicked well with the Cheeklaw females. A halfbrother of Este P479 was crowded Overall Champion in February 2017 and was sold for 10.000 gns (12.000 €). L752 also sired the Black Beauty Bonanza Champion 2016 Cheeklaw Polly to just name a few. Este P479 is out of Cheeklaw Esk L396, a true meat machine sired by the Champion Bull of the last Perth Bull Sales in 2008.


The dam of Edwina is Cheeklaw Edia M432. She is a big framed cow with exception milk and a head to die for. Her direct grandsires are the famous bulls Lord Horatio P11 of Blelack, Royal Added Value 19D. Ankonian Elixir 100 and HF Air-Walk 33F.


Cheeklaw Edwina S552 was born at 36 kgs. She was at 375 kg on 14.11.2016 with 224 days (daily 1,51 kg). She weighed 480 kg on 06.05.2017. Just before departure from Scotland she weighed 650 kg and her height on 15.12.2017 in quarantane in Germany was 1,45 m.


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Blackcap S248 vom Mittenhof - dob. 07.09.2016

Blackcap S248 is bred at one of the best Aberdeen Angus Farms in Germany, the Mittenhof of Familie Heinz, Haunetal. We have seen this stunning heifer in May 2018 and finally bought her in January 2019 with a heifer calf at foot. S248 ist a large framed, long and wide heifer with exceptional bones and legs.


The sire of Blackcap S248 is the famous Rawburn Edje J983 who has been sold for 25.000 € at 14 months of age to Eastfield Angus, Kelso. Edge is a son of Rawburn Ellen Erica D298 from the best cow family at Rawburn. D298 is also the dam of Rawburn El Torro, the sire of Rawburn Dublin K218, the best index bull in the UK. Rawburn Ellen Erica D298 is sired by Hoff Limited Edition SC594, the breed legend! Paternal Rawburn Edge goes back to Rawburn Transformer who needs no introduction!

Rawburn Edge J983 is ranked within the TOP 1 % for 400 and 600 days weight and the Terminal Index and within the TOP 5 % for 200 days weight and Self Replaxing Index.


The dam of Blackcap S248 was born in Danemark through ET. She is a correct, wide and balanced cow from a canadian dam line which has been formed with larger framed cattle. Her dam is Loma Lanes Blackcap 111L. Her sire is the famous HF Tiger 5T, Grand Champion Bull World Angus Show Calgary 2009. A half share was sold for 52.000 $ back in 2007. His fullbrother HF El Tigre 28U won the yearling bull class in Calgary in 2009 and a half share has been sold for 82.500 $! HF Tiger 5T is famous for easy calving high groth cattle with plenty of milk and good marbling.


Craigowmill Blackbird T076 - dob. 18.04.2017

Craigowmill Blackbird T076 is bred by Ken & Eva Brown, Craigowmill as well. She was bought at 6 months of age. She has a very good and fleshy body. She is moving on excellent legs and has a lovely breed character with a head full of style. Moreover she has an outstanding pedigree. We are sure that she will be one of our stellar breeders.


Her sire is Auchengray Eustace K785 who left very good stock at Craigowmill. He is an impressive bull full of flesh and length. Especially his faultless legs need to be pointed out. K785 goes back to Nightingale breeding, his paternal grandsire is a halfbrother to famous Netherthallan Peter Pershore E052. The maternal grandsire of K785 is the breed legend Rawburn Transformer.


The dam of Craigowmill Blackbird T076 is Craigowmill Blackbird N725 from the renowned Blelack Blackbird dynasty. N725 is an outstanding cow with magnificent breed character. She is very fleshy and has a perfect udder with lots of milk. She is a daughter of Blelack Duke whose offspring is saught after and regulary selling for high prices. A daughter of him sold for 15,000 gns at the Blelack sale in October 2016. The mother of N725 ist Blelack Blackbird H994 who was bought by Ken Brown for 6.000 gns (7.250 €). She is a very impressive cow with lots of power. H994 ist sired by Nightingale Defiance E264 who bred very well at Nightingale and Blelack.


Craigowmill Blackbird T076 was born at 38 kg. She weighed 310 kg shortly before her travel to Germany (daily 1,27 kg)!


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